Relaxation Massage R&R Massage, a woodsy, sweet and fresh aroma to encourage a state of deep relaxation. 60 min $75
90 min $110
Headache Relief Massage Splitting Headache Massage Essential oils of eucalyptus and grapefruit, incorporated with relaxing and balancing oils of Roman chamomile and rose absolute make this the ideal blend for headache sufferers. 60 min $85 90 min $110
Stress Management Massage This massage incorporates a powerful aromatic blend of orange to uplift and energize, lavender to balance and calm, and the scent of sandalwood, thus creating the perfect blend to de-stress the body. 60 min $85  90 min $110
Allergy Massage The diffusion of the oil during the full body massage will assist in alleviating symptoms experienced by allergy sufferers. 60 min $85 90 min $110
Respiration Massage The blend diffused during the respiration massage is an exceptional selection of 9 essential oils to decongest and clarify nasal passages and throat. 60 min $85  90 min $110
Cellulite Massage This specialty massage uses a powerful blend of 8 pure essential oils chosen specifically to aid in the reduction of cellulite to help tone the body. 60 min $85 90 min $110
Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Massage This proprietary blend of 10 pure essential oils increases blood flow to sore muscles and joints to soothe, relax and alleviate the aches and pains. 60 min $85  90 min $110